The Wheel Was Invented Around The Mid 4th Millennium B.C.

  1. Stop Reinventing the Wheel
    Stop writing the same code over and over. 365Programs is a client server application framework. It was developed by Marc Suther an independent software developer. Marc was one of the original IBuySpy / IBSW / DotNetNuke developers back in 2003. A group of developers that worked together to turn Microsoft's IBuySpy source code into an ASP.Net content mangement system called IBSW and then later changed to DotNetNuke. The 365Programs framework is a VB.Net Winform project that has a real DotNetNuke flavor. It incorporates a module injection SFA (single form application) for the desktop. Writing small "do something" modules is the only code you write. Now several versions later, Marc is providing his VS2012 code for other VB.Net developers to use.

  2. Ready Go!
    Use the 365Programs framework to jump start your VB.Net WinForms project. There are Telerik, SyncFusion or Plain Brown Wrapper versions available. The Framework project includes create, read, update and delete (CRUD) jump-start controls and grids - including normal, hierarchy and flat.
    There will be a C# version available soon.
  3. 5 encrypted DB connections - Drop or "if exists" Framework DB script - Super Refined SQL Class

    Modular and Granular Security - Domain / User / Machine Security - Will Follow To Any Domain Desktop

    Error Trapping - Error Analysis - Tech Support Interface

    User Tracking - CRUD Auditing - Event Interface - Administrator Interface

    Super Fast Search - Search Result To Object control - Object Factory Interface

    Skinning - Dynamic Language Interface - Will Convert To Any Language

    Utility Class - Validation Class - Trigger Class - Conversion Class - Math Class

    User Controlled Settings Interface - Social stubs- Group Notification - Messaging

  4. Developer Support

    Easy to read, nicely organized VB.Net code that includes sample code snippets throughout the project. Free and fee based support.